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Garlic from Voghiera Pdo

Black from Voghiera

Watermelon Reggiana Pgi

Green Asparagus from Altedo Pgi

Vignola Cherry Pgi

Pear from Emilia Romagna Pgi

Peach and Nectarine from Emilia Romagna Pgi

Chestnut from Castel del Rio Pgi

Mantuan melon Pgi

Shallot of Romagna Pgi

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History & Curiosity

Garlic of Voghiera PDO:

The geographical area of ​​production of Garlic of Voghiera Dop is enclosed in 5 municipalities in the province of Ferrara: Voghiera, Masi Torello, Portomaggiore, Argenta and Ferrara; there are more than 100 hectares destined to the cultivation of the Dop Garlic par excellence!

Its history has very ancient roots: it was the Este family who insisted and encouraged the production of garlic in the Voghiera area, activities which continued to be particularly flourishing even after the Estense family left Ferrara.

The bulb of Garlic of Voghiera Dop has a rounded and compact shape, bright white in color, with an intense and persistent aroma and a much more delicate flavor than garlic from other areas.

Extremely ductile in the kitchen, it is used to season meats or bruschetta, we offer it in the format in oil, in exceptional paté or as Black Garlic (Aglio di Voghiera Dop fermented at a controlled temperature that eliminates allicin and creates a product with balsamic and licorice).


Watermelon Reggiana Pgi:

The production area of ​​Anguria Reggiana Igp includes a vast area of ​​the Reggio plain including over 20 countries of historical importance for the cultivation of this product such as Novellara, Gualtieri, Santa Vittoria, Cà dè Frati and many others.

The fame and excellent reputation of this fruit dates back to the times of the Renaissance, when ancient Padane courts began to externalize the goodness of Watermelon.

It received the Igp Certification in 2016 and is currently the last product to have received this important recognition in the whole of Emilia Romagna.

It is distinguished from its "colleagues" watermelons for its sweetness given by the clayey, calcareous and potassium-rich earths of Reggio Emilia, for its firm and crunchy bright red pulp and for the very thin white rind.


Green Asparagus from Altedo Pgi:

The production area of ​​Asparago di Altedo Igp includes the northern part of the Via Emilia in the province of Bologna and the whole province of Ferrara, as written in the specification. History has it that the cultivation of Asparagus in the Bolognese plain was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, when two farmers from Altedo, returning from a trip to France, decided to start production in their territories, using the experience gained abroad.

It is a widely used and versatile vegetable in the kitchen: it is used both for simple dishes (boiled with oil and pepper) and for haute cuisine recipes (combined with eggs and fish).

The Igp certification was obtained in 2003 and later the Consortium was born to protect the production, promotion and enhancement of the product itself.

It is offered fresh (in season) and in cream available all year round!


Vignola Cherry Pgi:

The production area of ​​Ciliegia di Vignola Igp includes some municipalities with areas particularly suited to its cultivation in the provinces of Bologna and Modena.

The cherry and the territory of Vignola have been linked for a long time: since the mid-nineteenth century the plant has been present in these territories and as the years go by, its production and marketing are perfected, up to obtaining the IGP certification in 2012. after a long journey that lasted 12 years.

These Cherries are distinguished by their bright and shiny color, their crunchiness and their sweetness; these unique characteristics are obtained thanks to the perfect pedoclimatic conditions of the territory and the production techniques and experiences of the local agricultural entrepreneurs.

It can be the final fruit to be eaten at the end of a meal, but it is often used in sweet and savory recipes.


Pear from Emilia Romagna Pgi:

The geographical area intended for the cultivation of the Emilia Romagna PGI Pear is made up of various municipalities present in the following provinces: Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna.

This fruit has always been highly appreciated in these territories, since 1300 there are the first documents attesting the knowledge of the product; only at the end of the 1400s, however, did the agricultural entrepreneurs of the area decide to invest in the cultivation of Pear, scattering many orchards throughout the region.

The organoleptic characteristics depend on the variety we are considering: there are in fact 10 different types of fruit within the IGP supply chain. They all have in common a juicy and sweet pulp and an unmistakable aroma.


Peach and Nectarine of Romagna Pgi:

The production area of ​​the Peach and Nectarine of Romagna