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Here we are on the Blog page!

In this section we want to share our business and deepen the knowledge of the excellent products we offer.

In fact, we are convinced that these products have very interesting stories and peculiarities and really varied uses in the kitchen!

We have divided the Posts into three different categories, based on the topic we are talking about; choose your favorite by clicking on the relevant title, otherwise stay on "All posts" to get a general overview.

Here are the three sections:

"News and Curiosity Dop and Igp" where we will discover more and more these products of Emilia Romagna;

"Recipes Dop and Igp" where every month we will delight in the kitchen with typical Emilia-Romagna recipes;

"We are present at ..." where we will talk about our news and the events in which we participate.

If you like an article, share it on social media, like it and comment it!

Any advice, hint or suggestion to improve the Blog is welcome!

Thanks and Happy Reading!

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