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Tradizioni e Qualità was born from an idea of ​​mine, Luca, and of my father Umberto, who, after graduating in Animal Production Sciences in Bologna, boasts years of work in the agro-zootechnical sector.

In the course of his profession, his father traveled the length and breadth of the region, meeting farmers, breeders and producers of excellent quality food.

Together we have thought of selecting the numerous regional PDOs and PGIs to promote knowledge and disseminate them more.


In fact, Tradizioni e Qualità encompasses all the DOP and IGP products of Emilia Romagna in a single structure to facilitate the meeting between these excellences of our territory and anyone who wishes to buy them.


While experiencing a historical phase of food industrialization and standardization of tastes and flavors, we firmly believe that it is worth spending a few euros more to bring healthy foods to the table, coming from our land and traced in all phases of their production cycle, to rediscover the true good and healthy eating.


It is this idea that prompted us to undertake this activity.

You can order the products directly from our point of sale in Medicina (Bo) in via Libertà 1/3 or by going to the shop section of this site.

You can also contact us for any question or curiosity at the telephone number:

3383577406 .

Follow us also on our Facebook page:

Tradizioni Qualità!

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"Tradizioni and Qualità?

a young choice

and innovative! "

"Tradizioni and Qualità:

the excellence of Emilia Romagna at your home!

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