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Homemade chocolate & sweets

Pampapato of Ferrara


Praline hazelnuts and almonds

Artisan Chocolate Bars

Crunchy Artistico from Frignano

Artisan biscuits


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History & Curiosity

Pampepato Ferrarese Igp:

The production area of ​​Pampepato Ferrarese Igp includes the entire province of Ferrara;

it has a very ancient origin linked to the convent of cloistered nuns of Ferrara, where this cake was prepared to be given to the high prelates who came to visit during the Christmas holidays. This tradition was carried on by the Este family, who at the end of important meals loved to taste this specialty filled with spices.

With the passage of time it assumes a lot of prestige, so much so that it is modeled in the shape of the cardinals' headdress and the name that refers to the figure of the Pope.

It comes in a circular shape with a bright brown color, given by the dark chocolate coating; it has a very soft dough with a balanced number of candied fruit and dried fruit inside.

The taste is an explosion of different flavors and aromas that blend perfectly, creating the sweet symbol of Ferrara.

Artisan chocolate:

Selection of Artistic Crunchy from Frignano, pralines, spreads, bars, hazelnuts, artisanal biscuits and other creations based on hazelnuts, almonds and artisanal chocolate, produced in a small laboratory in Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) by one of the most renowned Chocolate Masters of the area.

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