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Onion from Medicina

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History & Curiosity

Onion cultivation has developed in the territories of the Bolognese Plain since the beginning of the 20th century, given the microclimate and the soil particularly suitable for this crop.

In particular, Medicina, a small characteristic village in the province of Bologna, soon became the production and commercial reference point for this product: today the Cipolla di Medicina brand is registered with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce and includes 5 other municipalities bordering Medicina (Castel Guelfo, Ozzano, Castel San Pietro Terme, Dozza and Imola); to understand the national importance of crops in this area, just think that almost 10% of the Italian onion production falls under the "Cipolla di Medicina" brand!

Over time, 3 different varieties have been selected and cured: the Red Onion, sweeter and more delicate and used above all in salads or as an accompaniment to cheeses or boiled meats, the White Onion, with a pungent and crunchy flavor, used above all for omelettes , soups or baked in the oven, and the Golden Onion, the most famous of the three, which is used for sautéed, risotto and to prepare the "Friggione Bolognese".

Given the growing importance of this excellence in the economic fabric of the country, the Medicine Onion Consortium was born in 2004, consisting of producers and distributors with the common aim of promoting and spreading it more. Sweet and sour White Onion, Friggione with Onion from Medicina and Jam of Red Onion from Medicina.

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