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Mushroom from Borgotaro Pgi

Creams and pickled vegetables

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Dry Porcini Mushroom

History & Curiosity

The Borgotaro Igp mushroom is harvested in the municipalities of Borgo Val di Taro, Bedonia, Berceto, Compiano and Tornolo, in the province of Parma.

The first information regarding the Borgotaro Mushroom Igp can be found in a document drawn up by Alberto Clemente Cassio between the end of the 1600s and the beginning of the 1700s, but the actual marketing started from the beginning of Italy, reserves are born to collect this type of prized mushroom.

The Borgotao Mushroom Igp is not cultivated like other classic fruit and vegetable products, but is characterized by spontaneous growth in pure or mixed woods that are treated or conducted in a suitable manner for future harvesting, carried out from spring to late autumn.

The experience and tradition of silviculture in the production area ensure that its quality is recognized throughout Europe, also obtaining the Igp certification in 1996.

In the kitchen it has multiple uses: sautéed, in stuffed pasta, as a sauce for first courses or raw in salads or side dishes.

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